The main events from 1964 to 2019

First appearance in a new uniform at the Rakoczy horse show and the 9th German Police Championships in swimming and rescue.
Participation in the Oktoberfest pageant in Munich.
First Christmas party of the JMK at the Saalbau. The school classes 1963/64 presented themselves musically.

Opening of the Burgenland Wine Week in Eisenstadt. Square concert in Vienna.
Participation in the brass music competition in the free city of Eisenstadt gave the youngsters a trophy as 1st prize.
Serenade for Federal President Heinrich Lübke in Bad Kissingen as another highlight.
German soap box derby in Duisburg.
40 new registrations were accepted, including 12 girls for the first time; Total membership 80 young people.

Welcome concert for the Inspector of the German Army, Lieutenant General de Maiziere and NATO General Massu.
Musical greeting to King Bhumibol and Queen Sirikit from Thailand on the occasion of their visit to Bad Kissingen.
Natotagung in the combat force school I in Hammelburg.
Folk festival in Lemgo.
First record recording with the Ariola company.
120 members and already over 50 missions.

Burgenland Wine Week in Eisenstadt.
Bath trip to the Lower Saxony and Westphalian baths Bad Nenndorf, Bad Pyrmont, Bad Waldliesborn.
Participation in the Jeverschen Festwochen.
Concert in Bad Wildungen and Bad Meinberg.
Federal Garden Show in Karlsruhe.

First TV appearance at the "Golden Shot" in Saarbrücken.
Berlin tour.
Bath trip and other appearances in Straubing, Aachen, Cologne, Helpup and Munich.
Wine week in Eisenstadt.

Serenade for the Bavarian. Prime Minister Alfons Goppel.
Bath trip - concerts in Jever, Wangerooge, Munich, Bielefeld, Bad Homburg, Bad Hersfeld, Fürth, Seulberg and Oberstetten.
Recording of the first long-playing record in Munich.

Concert in the Beethovenhalle in Bonn at the invitation of the Federal Ministry of Defense.
Charity concert in the SOS Children's Village Lendringsen.
Wine week in Eisenstadt.
Bath trip and other concerts in Munich, Bad Meinberg, Detmold, Goslar, Fulda and Speyer.

Greetings from the former Federal President Heinrich Lübke.
Bath trip to Bad Pyrmont, Bad Meinberg, Bad Rothenfelde, Bad Wildungen, Bad Ems, Bad Sooden-Allendorf, Hessisch-Oldendorf, Bad Waldliesborn and Bad Honnef.
Concerts in Bamberg, Jever, Iserlohn, Paderborn and Wolfhagen.
Participation in the Oktoberfest in Munich.

Bath trip and other appearances in Krumbach, Heidelberg, Augsburg, Nuremberg, Helpup and at the shooting festival in Iserlohn.

Carnival procession in Duisburg.
Shooting festival in Tengern and Iserlohn.
Wine week in Eisenstadt.
Bath trip and concerts in Jever, Paderborn, Limburg, Nuremberg, Lendringsen, Würzburg and Bodenheim am Rhein.

Musical performances in the twin town of Massa / Italy.
Participation in the opening broadcast of the television lottery "A place in the sun" in Würzburg.
Burgenland Wine Week in Eisenstadt.
Bath trip and other assignments in Bad Honnef, Herscheid, Duisburg, Bad Windsheim, Remscheid and Stuttgart.
At the end of December, the youth music corps was handed over from City Music Director Adolf Meter to Hans Wollgast.

Performances in the twin city Vernon / France.
Federal Horticultural Show Mannheim.
Church festival in Gladenbach.
Backfischfest in Worms.
Bath trip and concerts in Offenbach, Bad Homburg, Hessisch-Lichtenau, Herscheid and Darmstadt.
Recording of a new long-playing record under the direction of City Music Master Hans Wollgast.

At the start of the carnival season, the big band formed within the youth music corps went public for the first time. She showed her skills at performances in the Gürzenich near Aachen, the Närrische Gesellen and the BTC Garitz.
The JMK appears at the International Culinary Art Exhibition in Frankfurt. The spa trip and the Burgenland Wine Week are also on the schedule.
There are also concerts in Lünen, Bielefeld, Plettenberg, Meckesheim, Bad Homburg, Gladenbach, Hermeskeil, Arnsbach, Bad Mergentheim and on the occasion of the German Industry and Trade Day in Bad Kissingen.
This year 75 new students will be accepted.
Total membership 253 young people, almost 90 missions.

Flower Festival Lucarno / Switzerland.
Burgenland Wine Week.
Kremser folk festival in Austria.
Spa trip and concerts in Fürth, Heilbronn, Würzburg, Bad Kreuznach, Backnang, Schüttdorf, Wiesbaden, Mühldorf, Hamburg, Wedel and Wuppertal.

Burgenland Wine Week in Eisenstadt.
Spa trip, shooting festival in Iserlohn, as well as appearances in Bad Reichenhall, Geisenfeld, Fulda, Karlstadt, Würzburg, Gemünden and Bad Homburg.
LP recording with the company Fidelity Sound
Recording / USA.
First parents' concert in the Regentenbau.

TV appearance on the program "Ein Platz an der Sonne".
Concert in Bonn - “30 Years of the Federal Republic of Germany”.
Berlin trip, Federal Horticultural Show Bonn.
Spa trip, concerts in Munich, Solingen, Pegnitz, Bad Homburg, Fulda, Bayreuth, Duderstadt, Marienhagen, Alfeld, Unna, Gütersloh,

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