Our tradition

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In 1964, the youth music corps was founded, building on a decades-old brass music tradition in Bad Kissingen. Since then, the youth music corps sets the tone for almost all festive occasions in the city and receives enthusiastic applause for its virtuoso playing.

The combination of profound mastery of the instruments, a broad repertoire of brass music from classical to modern and the appearance, the appearance in colorful uniforms of a grand ducal-würzburgischen regiment of 1812, guarantees for fully booked concert halls.

Not only in Bad Kissingen, but also on the regular concert tours in Germany, abroad and even overseas are the young musicians on the road. They also demonstrate their skills by regularly participating in scoring games.

In 1997, the Municipal Music School was founded as a new base of the youth music corps. Since then, music lessons have been given for almost all instruments.

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